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Fist Look

A few years ago I was still of the opinion that one sees oneself only and exclusively BEFORE the altar for the first time.
In fact, I see it a bit more differentiated today and see the advantages and disadvantages quite clearly. But it still depends on many factors and I see the couples when the ceremony is over. When the pressure is gone and they are relaxed. You can see it on every photo.

In a “One Location”, where ceremony, aperitif, dinner and party are at the same place, it can be a good variation to stage the First Look. But you also have to think about how important it is if the guests could see the bridal couple beforehand.
Most couples still want it to look like they’re seeing each other for the first time at the ceremony.
And yes, when I have the opportunity, I look into the groom’s eyes to see what happens in front when the dream woman moves in behind.

If you already have children, I would suggest that you take these pictures BEFORE the wedding. The little ones will be even looser and the dresses even clean 😉

Time is not a reason and also that one leaves the guests briefly alone. I can confirm that we haven’t had a wedding yet, at which guests fell asleep from loneliness. As long as there is enough to eat and drink, the couple can go away for a shooting. It’s quite nice to have a “break” from the guests. If you can let yourself go and take nice photos. Just time for two – yes, the wedding photographer is there, but if you forget that, it is a guarantee for wonderful memories.

Yes, later the day, the more beautiful the light becomes. Another reason why it is wonderful to shoot after the wedding.

A very important point for the budget is the time window of the wedding photographer. It is another price if you book 8 or 12 hours.
The wedding day will be longer, but do you think there is more quality? YOU will have to wait after the first look until it starts, all the guests are sitting there, etc. Some brides will get really jittery and nervous. And no, champagne isn’t the answer 😉

Evelyne Schärer
Hochzeitsplanerin seit 2004


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