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Why did so many bridal couples think it would be a boring party?
I admit, of course I know for sure.
What do I listen to stories of the weddings they attended, how everyone stood around without a drink, or that the snacks ran out?
That you were ordered to the church much too early, that there was another wedding there and that there was a mix-up.

3 hours on the Greifensee is really long and can also be boring.

The 4 hours aperitif at a time are also quite creepy. The three aperitifs of 2 hours are not that much better, but at the third one is hopefully already drunk.

The guests should sing along.
The guests should definitely dry their tears of joy.
The guests are to stand trellises and throw rice.
The guests should congratulate, but not all at once.
The guests should write in the guestbook.
Please leave a fingerprint on the tree of life.
The guests should take photos in the photo box.
The guests should consider presentations and we already end up with the wonderful games and quizzes for the wedding day.
The guests should find it absolutely funny.
Not too funny – so not too much alcohol 😉

The right time management – yes, I can’t think of a more romantic word now – but the timing is what makes it so.
With good planning, it doesn’t take 30 minutes for the guests to take their seats. But I would explain that to you personally.

Evelyne Schärer
Wedding Planner since 2004


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