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Big Bridal Bouquet

Wedding trend big bridal bouquet

There are bridal bouquets and bridal bouquets as well as there are “Gr√ľmpelturniere” and Champions League, although I will resume this comparison at a later date.

What do we care about the trends and why should anyone do the same? Aren’t we known for unique weddings? Everything is tailor-made, every detail is conjured up for the bridal couple, so it doesn’t matter to us how GREAT the bouquets are again at style shootings.

It’s a different situation if the model holds the bouquet for 10 minutes for the photo, or the bride carries the bouquet with her all day long.

To me it seems to be a very important factor to consider the size of the hand, not only the size of the bride or also the width ūüėČ
It’s very exhausting for the bride when she can’t get around the bouquet with her fingers or you just can’t find her behind the bridal bouquet.

It goes without saying that the flowers are completely coordinated at the wedding.

If you have a bouquet, it is usually smaller.

Size matters, also for the bridal bouquet?

Floral Greetings, your
Evelyne Schärer
Wedding Planner since 2004

Picture by Andrea Kuehnis
Bridal Bouquet by English Rosarium


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