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Wedding professional – wedding expert

On Saturday my small company actually turned 15 years old.
From the beginning I was able to make a living with Perfect Day GmbH and I think it is no exaggeration to write that I have become a wedding professional, a wedding expert.

This year I (almost) fell for an amateur.
I wanted to try out a new service provider and give young people a chance.
It wasn’t the lack of sympathy that caused the project to fail.
But my subconscious was already right when I wrote in the first mail that I leaned far out of the window with this suggestion.
My a… safed then a Wedding Expert!

I am aware that working with my agency can also be a challenge.
The demands are exorbitantly high, both on us and on the partners in the team.
We put together a tailor-made crew for each wedding.
Specialists in your field with great emotional competence.
Divas are out, people with narcissistic traits have no place, those who cannot work in a team are not there, never.

Sometimes it’s a male photographer, sometimes a female who fits better.
Some couples want a DJ, others a wedding DJane, a female wedding singer or a male.
Big, small, pink or green, boho or classic.
No wedding is like the other, just like YOU, we plan your personal wedding day with you.

In all these years we have found great service providers for your dream wedding and new ones are welcome to contact us.
If your demands on yourself are as high as those on us, then you might fit in with us as a wedding professional and then we will find the perfect bridal couple for you.

Evelyne Schärer
Wedding Planner since 2004


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