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Prosecco Champagner

Champagne or Prosecco

“I don’t like champagne” – as that statement makes me wonder.
According to Wikipedia, there are about 15,000 varieties of champagne. It’s even possible that nobody tastes good at all.
I’ve tasted and have tasted tens of champagnes, and the differences are huge. I myself am neither a connoisseur nor an expert, but I have found my favorite champagne and have been drinking it at home rather than in a restaurant ever since. I don’t like the big ones anymore and my preference for winegrowing champagne is constantly increasing.

If you serve your favorite champagne at the wedding, that’s great. Try the offer in your wedding location and maybe there is a great Cr√©mant, Cava or sparkling wine as an alternative. Or maybe a nice Prosecco will make your heart bubble higher. The sommelier in the house will be able to advise you.
Take the bottles home with you and try them at your leisure.

When it comes to wines, I am also rather reserved with my advice. If your wedding party consists of gourmets, treat yourself to an expensive drop, otherwise I believe there are also good wines for less money.

Beer. Serve beer as an aperitif and later in the evening for the party.

Do without the dull orange juice and enchant your wedding guests with a nice punch or nice soft drinks. We leave O juice to the events of banks and insurance companies ūüėČ

At the party you can also keep it simple. Gin Tonic and Vodka Lemon, Whisky Cola and the guests are already very satisfied.
Take a good look at the offer of the wedding location. It is a pleasure to make too few assumptions here and the customer experiences his blue miracle after the wedding.


Evelyne Schärer
Wedding Planner since 2004


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