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Bridal Makeup

Bridal Makeup

Carnival is not such a wedding. So no disguising and also no painting.
In fact, such a nude make-up is much more difficult than simply slapping pink and blue on the eye.
Until now, our brides were natural beauties who didn’t want an updo with chive curls, nor did they have lips with fillers.
And before the Haters strike again, I mean these rubber boat hose lips that nobody can really find beautiful.

I am currently writing a lot about bridal make-up and bridal hairstyles, simply because I find it so difficult to find good people.
Of course there are the really big ones, but then I usually have a budget problem, especially if there are also Bridemaids or the mothers want to be pretty.

I always try local with these service providers as well. To ask a make-up artist from the region to save driving expenses.
I also don’t want 2 people “making out” with the bride.
I simply prefer it if this Beauty Queen can do hair and make-up.
I write here from experience and can recommend it to every bride.

May I please use this blog again for a call to get in touch with me?

Long live beauty!

Evelyne Schärer
Wedding Planner since 2004


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