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Small wedding – Incoming Weddings

Even or especially weddings with few guests need much more attention in the planning.
It is a much bigger challenge to entertain a smaller group well, to get them in the mood and to keep them upright.
If with 100 guests 10 people are a bit silent, this is not noticeable.
If 10 snorers are present at a wedding with 30 guests, it can quickly become boring for everyone.

All small weddings this year are incoming weddings.
Foreign wedding couples naturally need even more support.
Just as Swiss couples want to celebrate Swiss weddings in Italy, Americans, for example, also celebrate American weddings in Switzerland.
Each country has different traditions and wishes.
In 15 years, one can acquire a lot of knowledge and thus nothing stands in the way of a Chinese tea ceremony.

We find the right wedding specialists for foreign couples almost as quickly as we do for our local bridal couples.
Of course, the requirements already differ. Our luck is always to be familiar with the experts and to be able to commission custom-made products.
Yes, we are grateful to be able to rely on the specialists and to enjoy their trust in us even outside the comfort zone.

Yesterday in Como the groom asked me several times in conversation with the location and the catering how the bride and groom without yourperfectday do with the planning and the negotiations… Thank you for the flowers and yes, I am also not clear why one renounces the “insurance” and rather takes a risk for the most beautiful day in life.

Evelyne Schärer
Wedding Planner since 2004


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