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Styled Shoots – Fictitious wedding photos

We all know them; these infinitely elaborate and mostly impressive photos of weddings – which NEVER took place.
The pictures of staging’s, of fictitious weddings with models and installations that are not made for a real wedding.

To put it simply, not all the stunning pictures are fake, but most of the weddings we see in the social media are outside of 95% of wedding couples because they don’t have the budget.
Those who believe that this is the way most weddings actually take place can be assured that it is not so.

Often a table is decorated – again, stunning and amazing and all together – BUT with the budget for the whole decoration for the whole wedding day!

Then the model bride and groom is standing, immaculate, on a cliff, on a lake or in the middle of a forest:
we could do that with immaculate (did you know that we always accompany extremely beautiful bride and groom?)
but no real bride wants to go on a wedding day with her dress in the forest or on a hike. Most brides are afraid that their gown will get dirty in the car.

I have to write something about an after shooting anyway, in that case EVERYTHING is possible!

So please don’t let these fake pictures hunt you down in fenugreek, nice inspiration, but also think about your wallet.
It’s not up to me that you can’t do it like in the picture, but because of the money you don’t want to spend.

Perfect days can be planned. We plan with you YOUR perfect wedding day.

Evelyne Schärer
Wedding Planner since 2004


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