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While I’m writing this text, I’m sitting in the bridal shop window at Liluca in Zurich.
Yes, you are reading correctly. A special kind of promotion for our newest baby.

Hardly any bride, and the experts here at Liluca confirm this to me, does want to lose 20 kg quickly for the most beautiful day 😊 ok, 20 is a little exaggerated, but most would like to have the perfect wedding figure in front of their wedding altar.

Please feel free. I am convinced that Fit3 and Berny Huber are the ideal partners for the wedding figure.
Of course, I’ve tried a lot of diets in my little life, and nothing really worked.
I was also more than sceptical about this offer with the combination of formul diet and “sport”.
And as so often, the doubter had to be convinced and last year I mutated into a test rabbit for


Every day I recorded and documented my weight and weekly my mass. In fact, my bottom measured almost 1 meter!
Everything was recorded as an experiment on Instagram and the first photo in underwear was very humiliating.
But then it started to be fun, because the successes were visible and perceptible.

First I wanted to test only 4 weeks, then I have held out 12 weeks and dear readers respect:
8.6 kg lost weight
35,5 cm circumference lost

Even better, I was able to hold all this, or lost more weight first, which was not nice anymore.

Hochzeitsfigur vorher nachher

Now that I am sitting here in the shop window, I would like to lose about 3kg in the 4 weeks with Liluca.
Are you also curious whether I can do this?

Slim greetings

Evelyne Schärer
Wedding Planner since 2004


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