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Groom and Wedding Suit

The groom must not see the bride before the ceremony.
The bride guards the secret of the wedding dress like gold

He must not know anything, but the bride chooses the wedding suit? 😊
Please let him have tears in his eyes as she walks to the altar on the arm of the Father.
He shall be overwhelmed by all the beauty.

Are brides control freaks?
I already have a few stories in my sewing box and would say yes to them spontaneously.
Woman wants to know everything, every detail.
The new underpants for the wedding night are determined as well as the rest of the wedding suit.
Nothing is left to chance.

Ok, I am honest. Here are magazines for the groom. I would probably faint at one or the other suit if my future husband waited for me at the altar!

Did you know how practical it is that you can buy wedding dresses and suits from Liluca and give the groom the feeling that he has chosen all alone?
This is probably called “easy” manipulation 😊

A small mini briefing is completely sufficient.
The man of our dreams should feel free and good when choosing the wedding suit and on the wedding day itself anyway.

It can’t get that bad.
They don’t marry a fashion dummy.

Best regards from the shop window

Evelyne Schärer
Wedding Planner since 2004


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