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Reference Photos

Maybe I should have asked that question years ago:
How should we as Wedding Planner show our service on photos?

How do we phone or research on the PC?
How do we type funny schedules?
A photo of how we booked the perfect wedding photographer for the bridal couple?

Ok, there are still photos “at work”. But honestly, I don’t pluck the flowers or fold the napkins into swans.
That’s what the experts do at our weddings.
In fact, we often drag chairs from A to B, but people who ask for reference pictures don’t imagine that.

Photos of the bride:
Neither the wedding hairstyle, the wedding make-up nor the wedding dress are from us.

Photos of the decoration:
That’s what our wonderful florists did, I often don’t even know the name of the flowers ūüėä

Photos of the location:
We already see ourselves as architects or as general contractors for such an undertaking which is called “wedding planning”.
But there is nothing we can do about it if it looks great in the villa.

Actually, you should be able to photograph what the wishes were at the first meeting and how the couple got married.
Could we make the dreams come true? Were the wedding professionals the right ones? Did we move within the budget etc.?
But that wouldn’t have anything to do with reference photos and who would voluntarily post a bad rating online?

It is a good reference to work as a full-time wedding planner, to earn a living as a wedding planner and to still be successful since 2004.

Evelyne Schärer
Wedding Planner since 2004


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