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self-payer at the Wedding Bar

Do I actually pay for my gin and tonic at the wedding bar myself?
And by “I” I mean if I were a wedding guest.
Apart from that, as a wedding planner I don’t pay for any drinks myself ūüėČ

The question of self-payers is asked again and again.
Of course I am aware of how much a wedding bar costs and how much the wedding guests can drink.
But honestly, please let us find a better way than having your wedding guests pay for their drinks at the bar.

Now your guests have all gone to the Castello in Italy or they are celebrating in the 5-star hotel on Lake Lucerne and now the guests should pull out their wallets?

Indeed, very strange or not?
So I don’t even have a wallet with me for the wedding guest…

If there are really “only” financial reasons, then you stop with the party at 2 o’clock.
Until today that has been enough and after this time, you can still go to the hotel bar and there everyone pays his drinks.

Create a bar card, which drinks you offer.
If you want an expensive and exclusive single malt whisky, you don’t mind paying it out of your own pocket.


Evelyne Schärer
Wedding Planner since 2004


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