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Number of wedding guests

How many guests do you invite to your wedding?

My most important question, directly after the budget.
Because a wedding for CHF 20’000 with 20 guests looks completely different than a wedding for 120 guests btw, I personally don’t know what to eat and drink at these performances.

But today it’s more a matter of honor than a wedding guest.
If you invite 100 people, 98 will come.
Ok, it depends a little on the time frame. At the end of the month we have a big wedding, which had only 8 weeks in advance and a lot of guests arrive from abroad.
In such a case it already happens that there are fewer wedding guests.
But we start super early with the planning, send the “Save the Date” and your loved ones are happy like crazy.

Oh yes, I recently read another wedding blog about ecological footprint and destination weddings.
Pffhh, weddings in Italy are great and there is actually a train to Florence.

So just invite as many guests as you can afford and assume ALL are coming.

This reference helps us to find the perfect location.
Unforgettable when in 2017 a bridal couple invited more and more guests and the hotel wrote mails that it would never work.
Fortunately it worked, without an extension or that we had to divide into two rooms.

Yes, it was also a no-go for me that wedding guests were distributed to different rooms for dinner.
A and B wedding guests?

When we plan your wedding, you can count on us.

Evelyne Schärer
Wedding Planner since 2004


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