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bridal bouquet throwing

A very old tradition actually and yet it is not made so often anymore

The reasons couldn’t be more different.
– The bride wants to dry the bouquet
– There’s only 2-3 ladies who aren’t married yet.
– The time does not/never fit

On the last point, one might think that a wedding planner can plan for the right time.
I just want to say that as an expert I recommend a Sunset Shooting and I think it’s really strange when you want the bridal bouquet back.
Already with some litters the bouquet was in rags afterwards.

That the bouquet is actually dried was revealed to me on Friday by a very dear bride.
In fact, I probably dried a maple leaf in natural history for the last time at school 😉

The fact that there are only a few ladies present who could catch the bouquet is probably the most important reason for me to refrain from throwing.
Just imagine what it feels like to have two ladies out of 100 guests.
It is expected that you will have a fight now, who will catch the bouquet now.

I think it has happened to me only 2 or 3 times so far that the catchers have caught with enthusiasm and eagerness.

If you throw, don’t aim too high and not too far.

Evelyne Schärer
Wedding Planner since 2004


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