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Italy vs. Switzerland

For an article from CNN Money I went to work and compared costs.
Is the reason to go to Italy really a cost issue?

We’ve been planning weddings in Italy for about 8 years. Very much in Tuscany, in Piedmont – where I’m going again tomorrow – and personally I’m a big fan of Lake Como.
And if someone wants to get married again in Ravello, please 😉

So, I sat down and with my collected knowledge, made a list and compared the costs.
Please let me state here that I have made a professional expertise.
The hobby DJ for € 300 does not appear in my results, nor is Uncle Fred, who takes the photos, missing.
The bride does not pick the flowers herself and it is not the girlfriend of the sister who is invited to do hair and make-up.
In fact, I didn’t compare oranges to carrots, although both are orange.
AND I compared weddings as a wedding planner, so it’s a lot different cost than planning yourself.
You know that your wedding with us costs less, right?

My assumption was 60 people.
All the service providers needed for a wedding were taken into account.
Without a lighting designer or a trapeze artist, no extras.
And, all guests in Italy pay for their hotel rooms themselves, and no travel expenses are covered.

It’s very exciting and I was also a little surprised.

Evelyne Schärer
Wedding Planner since 2004


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