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Free wedding – free of what?

What is a free wedding? Under the open sky?

One can be free for something, or free from something.
Is the opposite of a free wedding, an unfree wedding?
If something is not free, then it is occupied?
Is a wedding ceremony in the church or occupied by a priest?
Or is it about religious rituals?
To rituals in general?

In the church, the wedding ring is seen as a sign of God’s closeness. In “free” weddings, the ring is always accompanied by the words, infinite, without beginning and without end.

Which sign you give to this symbol is left to each couple.

In my opinion, a wedding should be personal and individual.
And anyone who now believes that the “free Speakers” do not repeat themselves is mistaken.
As a bridal couple, you usually only hear the wedding ceremony once, namely for your own wedding.
Every Saturday we listen to a speaker or a priest.
How often are the names simply changed, even the punch lines are the same.
There are some wedding Celebrants who charge horrendous prices for a speech that is copy paste.

Whether you choose a religious or smbolic wedding ceremony, you are free in many ways. Emotions are important and you may succeed in personalizing the ceremony with the help of your family.

You are free in spirit and so I greet you warmly

Evelyne Schärer
Wedding Planner since 2004


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