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Real Wedding and what’s completely different than YOU think

After over 400 completely planned weddings in various countries, I take the liberty to say that I have gained a lot of experience.

In the last 15 years a lot has changed among the bridal couples.
Apart from the fact that we are invited to the pitch today, there is also a briefing from the bridal couple from time to time.

I wouldn’t advise against a good illustration and ideas.
Our brides should even create a picture collection.
How much easier it is today to find the right florist for the dream wedding, if you see the wishes of the brides on photos. Wedding flowers also carry a handwriting and each one has its own style.

Unfortunately, the prices are never below on all the inspirations. No photo shows what this sumptuous floral decoration cost. Fantastic photos of breathtaking dresses (without price label) in the most magnificent scenery.
Locations like in fairy tales – always without prices.

If you have a budget of CHF 30,000 and want to invite your 100 guests to a villa on Lake Como, then it will remain a dream wedding.
Meanwhile we have prices of € 20’000 per day/night for 30 rooms on Lake Como.

I always answer the question what a wedding costs the same way:
It costs as much as you are willing to spend.
We can dream together, but don’t hold it against me if I bring you back to reality as gently as I can.

My first question is always how big YOUR Budget is and within this framework we plan together.
And again, your wedding will certainly cost less with “your perfect day”.

Valuable greetings

Evelyne Schärer
Wedding Planner since 2004


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