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Everyone wishes for a unique and special wedding.
Whoever speaks of a “free wedding ceremony” wishes for the unique.

(if you are interested in this topic, here is the blog about “Free Wedding”)

But now let’s be honest, it is mostly rituals that one has already seen and known.
I also agree that the wheel cannot be reinvented and a wedding becomes personal through the bridal couple and the wedding guests.

Almost all wedding couples exchange rings.
How the rings come to the ceremony is different.
Whether it is the sweet godchild, the too cute dog or whether the best man helps.
Sometimes the rings are on a ring pillow, sometimes in a ring box.
There are specially made and custom-made variations for this ritual.

Whether you really put sand in a vase or light a wedding candle together is to consider.

However, you should not waste a thought on sky lanterns.
We have not done this for years with the wedding party.
In 2007 we almost burned down a hotel in Austria and then there was a big damage at the lake of Zurich.

You can talk about balloons ūüėČ

Airy and light greetings,

Evelyne Schärer
Wedding Planner since 2004


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