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3 Mistakes during the location inspection

Actually I always try to express myself positively.
Fear is not a good motivator.
And yet in advertising you often go this way.
All right, so I’m starting a new series.
Instead of my best tips, let’s call it “3 mistakes”.

What you can do wrong at the site inspection and avoid from now on.

The choice of wedding location is the supreme discipline in wedding planning.
Although I should phrase it better now.
The choice is easy, finding the location is the great art.

The 3 biggest mistakes in the location inspection:

1. viewing at the wrong time of the year
The location looks completely different in autumn/winter than in summer.

2. visit at the wrong time
Where in the morning there was still wonderful shade, the meadow is in full sun in the afternoon.

3. construction sites/conversions not clarified
Inquire about construction sites and racing innovations
You do not want a church in scaffolding or large containers in front of the castle.

My probably best tip, you can find it on the Wedding Chanel. I just say “catwalk.”

Avoid mistakes. Rely on a wedding professional.

Evelyne Schärer
Wedding Planner since 2004


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