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3 Mistakes in the bridal bouquet

With the bridal bouquet it is easier to write about “mistakes”.
I would also like to point out again that this wedding blog is about my very personal views after more than 400 weddings.

So: pay attention to the following with your wedding flower concept:

1. size bridal bouquet
The bouquet should not be too big and also not too small.
A bride with 162cm also has a different bridal bouquet than if the bride is 1.80m.
You should be able to hold the bouquet well and comfortably.
So bridal bouquet holders are no solution I find.

2. heavy bridal bouquets
Whoever wants a large bridal bouquet carries a lot of weight.
A little training is not a bad idea when you choose a heavy bridal bouquet.
Of course there are also large lightly bound bouquets for your wedding.

3. bridal bouquet carried much too high
Try not to carry the bridal bouquet too high for the most important photos.
Supporting it on your hips is comfortable, relieves pressure and does it automatically.

Whether you throw your bridal bouquet, try to explain in the video

Avoid mistakes. Rely on your wedding professional.

Evelyne Schärer
Wedding Planner since 2004


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