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The 3 biggest mistakes with the wedding dress

I’m not actually going to write anything new here.
The only question is why 80% of brides do not take the tips from bridal fashion stores seriously.
They are looking for the perfect wedding dress.

Most of the time you will find information in the bridal shop.
In the meantime, you should even pay a consultation fee to try on a wedding dress.
All the more reason to simply tell you again what my personal tips are.

1. no budget
If you don’t know what you can or want to spend, then it becomes really difficult. For you and your bridal shop.
You put together everything you need for the wedding.
Wedding Dress
Wedding shoes
Underwear / Lingerie
And then very importantly, the alteration costs that will be incurred to fit the wedding dress perfectly.

2. too focused on a photo from the bridal magazine
Of course, you will try this wedding dress.
May I recommend you to rely on the professional in the good and selected bridal shop?
These people do nothing else all day long.
Be sure to also try the wedding dress that the expert recommends and let yourself be surprised.

3. too many people
I am a woman myself and I love to party with my girls.
But when the going gets tough, I know exactly who my most honest friend is.
I never forget when Milena told me in Italy that I should never wear the jeans I wore that day again; my butt doesn’t look good in them 😊

These are the girls you take with you when you buy your wedding dress.
As a confident and self-assured woman, you can also shop on your own.

Nobody knows better how difficult it is to find the right bridal shop.
We are currently looking for new cooperation with the best of the best ourselves.

Avoid mistakes. Rely on your wedding professional.

Evelyne Schärer
Wedding Planner since 2004


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