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The 3 biggest mistakes when leaving the church

Actually, it is not only with a church wedding, also a free ceremony can go wrong here.

We are always talking about optimization potential in my series, the 3 biggest mistakes.
You are getting married for the first time, I have planned over 400 weddings and I have seen many more wedding photos and wedding videos.
I just notice “mistakes”, others may not.

My first mistake, I’m sure we’ll agree.

1. bridal bouquet forgotten at the altar
If the bride moves out with the groom after a hopefully unforgettable wedding ceremony and doesn’t have your bridal bouquet with her, then it’s just a great pity for all the photos and the film.
It simply looks much better with the bridal bouquet.
What to consider with the bridal bouquet you can find here.

The second mistake you do not commit, if you sit correctly at the wedding.

2. right or left
The groom is always on the left, the bride always on the right.
Where your heart is ladies, there is the place for your dream man.

3. speed
Step down the aisle.
There’s no hurry.
Enjoy the first part of your journey together on the road to marriage.

I hereby declare you to be all-knowing about leaving the church or your unique wedding ceremony.

Avoid mistakes. Rely on your wedding professional.

Evelyne Schärer
Wedding Planner since 2004


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