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Menu card

Menu Cards

When the wedding menu with the matching wines is finally selected, the question of menu cards arises.

One for each guest?
A menu card in the middle of the table?
A board at a boho wedding?

Do you print an extra menu card for vegetarians?
Is the year important for wine? What if there are not enough 2000s?
Menu in German and English?

We tried it last year and did not distribute any menu cards at all.
There was also no menu board or sign with the wedding menu.
There was what comes on the table 😊

Of course it is very important for the wedding guests with special diets to register in time (at least 14 days).
Especially allergic persons should inform about this fact very early.

Spontaneous flexitarians usually do not make themselves very popular.
A banquet is always a challenge for the kitchen, you do not need 10 wedding guests with special treats.

Enjoy your meal with or without menu card.
I just wanted to tell you that it works just fine without.

Evelyne SchÀrer
Wedding Planner since 2004


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