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How to become a wedding planner – Corona Virus

Due to recent events because of the Corona virus, this blog will be slightly different than planned.
I have pre-recorded the video and there I tell how I became a wedding planner.

In fact, I have never recommended anyone to start their own business.
For me, the 2004 was more of a coincidence than an intention.
I was very lucky and my GmbH was running well from day one.
Already in the first year I could earn my own living.
This makes me proud that I was never dependent on money from others, but earned my own bread and butter.
After my divorce it was hard and the belt was tightened.
Yes, if you don’t share the rent anymore or pay the household insurance alone etc.

The last years it was always important for me to position myself as a professional on the wedding market.
It seemed essential to me that I work 100% as a wedding planner.
I wanted to distinguish myself from the part-time planners because it is simply a different house number when you are financing your entire life as a wedding planner.

It’s not karma or the righteousness of life, it’s a damn shame that I actually specialized in weddings and didn’t want to do children’s birthdays.
I also decided against events and company occasions.
I always wanted to become the expert for weddings.
A few years ago Italy was the dream destination of most wedding couples.
They wanted Swiss standard in Italy and lots of dolce and amore.
Nearly 80% of my weddings took place in Italy the last 2 years.

Well, you don’t have to be a psychic to know that NO one ever signs up for a destination wedding in Italy.
Nobody books incoming weddings either.
Everyone should stay home.
My bridal couples from the US and Canada are staying away.

Yesterday a wedding was cancelled or postponed until 2021.
Whether my GmbH will still exist next year is written in the stars.

Like others, would I have simply needed a permanent position in an agency or another company?
I would certainly feel more comfortable right now if I knew that the salary would be transferred at the end of the month.

Whoever decides to train as a wedding planner should know that there is hardly anyone who can live from weddings.
If you open an agency for weddings, it might be a good idea to continue working as a pizza deliveryman, because they are really busy now.

Evelyne Schärer
Wedding Planner since 2004


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