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16 years wedding planner

Whether one is the better Wedding Planner, because one has been doing it for a long time, I would not like to claim.
I also don’t have to adorn myself with foreign feathers or call myself the mother or role model of all wedding planners in Switzerland.
In 2004 I was alone on the road and I am proud every day that I can earn my living by getting married.

On 16.4.2020 my small company became 16 years old.
Since then I am responsible for myself and super independent.
So self and constantly as it is called.

She must be insane, to do this for living!

My euphoria on the wedding market was immense.
There is hardly anything that I have not torn and tried.
For almost everything I was too early.
With distance I watch how new wedding planners come on the market and try out.
The Swiss market is super conservative.
Even today, our bridal couples are still being asked what a wedding planner is needed for.
But what should I compare Switzerland with America or UK?

Anyone can organize a wedding.

A wedding dress, a bridal bouquet, a wedding band, balloons and a magician.
A stretch limousine or a wedding carriage?
Or how about the groom parachuting into the meadow for the wedding ceremony?

A BBQ would be great, a buffet and you invite 150 people.
And because you don’t have that much wedding budget, you want a catering.

Buses. Yes, buses for the wedding guests so that no one has to drive.
You bring the wine yourself.
The restaurants always charge exorbitant prices.
And for the tap money you bring magnum bottles, which costs half as much.

The mother-in-law bakes the wedding cake, and by the way, the uncle is a photographer.
He’s a great photographer and he’ll do it for free.

At the end the couple informs me that the parish choir would also travel, and they have CHF 25’000 for the 150 guests.
Wedding dress, wedding suit and wedding rings are included in the budget.

And right now, I am not out of the game.
With an outing like this, you need me more than you can imagine.
I’m not saying a wedding in Tuscany for ‚ā¨ 150,000 is easier because you’re rolling in money.
Have you ever imagined the pressure on my little shoulders?

After over 430 weddings, and I don’t do partial planning and it doesn’t count when I pass on addresses of wedding service providers.
First of all, I don’t do that, and secondly, this has nothing to do with wedding planning.
So, after so many professionally organized weddings we have already experienced and tried so much.

Our expertise is worth its weight in gold.
Which is not to say that you might not be able to afford your perfect day.

Every wedding couple optimizes and saves money with us as wedding planner.

We optimize with you and have thousands of ideas on how to make your dream come true.
Benefit from my experience and if you appreciate it, we will become a dream team for your real wedding ūüėČ

As the leading wedding agency in Switzerland, we will hopefully continue to accompany happy couples to the perfect wedding for many years to come.

16 years wedding planner!

Evelyne Schärer
Wedding Planner since 2004


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