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Seating Wedding Ceremony

Who is where at the ceremony? Seating arrangements wedding ceremony

First, please do not make signs which you put on chairs or benches.

At business events you have reservation signs for the press and the guests of honor.
We are at a wedding and I stick to it, I do not like the term event for a wedding.

But what you need as a bridal couple is a plan of who sits where during the wedding ceremony.

As always, there are many variations on who sits where during the wedding ceremony.

Behind the bride her family, behind the groom his.
It could be exaggerated to put all the wedding guests on one side or the other.
With families this makes much more sense and often happens automatically.

In the church there are much more seats than wedding guests.
Here it would be nice if everyone would “move up” and form a wedding party, a unit.

At outdoor weddings, there are as many chairs as there are guests, so there is no need for any signs.

Remember to leave a good place for the ring child and yes, the father of the bride, this chair will remain free.

The best wedding planner at your side will be happy to place your wedding guests.
Your witnesses will also be happy to help with the seating arrangements for the wedding ceremony.

You know, I am a big fan of the bridal couple looking forward to the priest or wedding designer.

Take a seat and simply feel infinitely relaxed at your dream wedding.

Evelyne Schärer
Wedding Planner since 2004


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