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Solarim Hochzeit Schweiz

Solarium before the wedding

As Snow White, I know very well that you want a sun-tanned skin.
The white wedding dress practically screams for a good tan.

Most people think that I, as a dark type, will quickly take on color? No.
My mother used to call me “Buttermilk” during our summer holiday in Italy, but later the crab red color on the beach gave me away.

If you, as a bride, want to do something about your summer skin tone for your dream wedding, here are some thoughts:

A skin peeling is an extremely good preparation and your skin will be pleased when the old skin flakes are removed.

Tanning bed
Great because naked. 2-3 times under the tanning bed, and everything fits in color.
Your dermatologist can explain to you how healthy it is. But honestly, if you do it before the wedding, it’s definitely no big deal.

If you have a lot of experience with it and are always satisfied, ok.
Just remember the smell and the color.
For beginners, self-tanning products are out of the question.

You do want to marry spotless.

Tanning shower
I’ve never done this before, and I don’t know anyone.
If you decide to do it, try it first and for sure, topless.
Again, you don’t want any trims.

Please only lie topless in the sun and let your fiancé apply sun creme.

Sunburn is the LAST thing you can need for the wedding.

And the reason why I write so often WITHOUT TOP is because the trims are not looking good.

You Snow White
Evelyne Schärer
Wedding Planner since 2004


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