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The Best Man

The best man is always delighted when the groom tells them that I am helping to plan the wedding.
Yes, I am very popular with best men as a wedding planner.

No distribution of church books, no need to install a system for the wedding music.
The best man does not have to install any lights, he does not have to worry about orange juice or crisps.

The best man has practically won the six in the lottery and can devote himself to the bachelor party.
The JGA is a wedding custom that is often confused with the stag party.

My concern for planning the bachelor party is only the date.

Dear best man, please plan a long time before the wedding party.
This way the scars can heal, the casts are gone and we can celebrate with the groom and he also looks good on the wedding photos.

With your perfect day you do not have to choose the best man, who has special organizational knowledge.
It is often an imposition what bridal couples demand from their best man.

Of course, even with Wedding Planner it is not without obligations.

On the wedding day I need the best man first for the groom. Hold hands, calm down and please do not “fill up” ūüėČ

Yes, celebrate as big as you can, but a drunk best man or a drunk host doesn’t fit in with friends and family on the best day of your life.

Evelyne Schärer
Wedding Planner since 2004


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