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Wedding chairs or a wedding bench

As you make your bed, you must lie on it – very similar is the situation with the seats at the wedding ceremony.

I have been preaching for a long time that the bridal couple does themselves a great favour by sitting in front of the wedding presenter.
I explain this to each of the bridal couples and at the end, almost everyone takes a seat like this.

Those who try it at an angle have all regretted it until today.
The guests are too sidetracked.
It is your wedding that I am helping to plan.

What you end up doing with my expertise is up to you.

Should it match the wedding decoration, I recommend a bench or stools.
You just sit more beautiful, more upright and it looks better.
In a wedding chair, you tend to sit comfortably, more in a slightly bent position.

Remember also that wreaths of flowers on the backrests like to tangle with the veil.
Your wedding dress will certainly have a delightful back view.

Ergo a wedding bench fits perfectly.

Take a seat at your dream wedding with your perfect day.

Evelyne Schärer
Wedding Planner since 2004


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