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Dream Wedding Fairytale Wedding with yourperfectday

Fairytale wedding with your perfect day

With your perfect day fairy tales come true.
In other words, I like to feel like a fairy.
As a wedding agency it is our task to realize dreams, visions and ideals.

You never give your wedding planning out of your hands!

Personally, I am romantic, but I am not responsible for this part of the wedding.
Of course, we take care of the ambience, make sure that flowers, light and the scenery are just perfect.
We also do our utmost to create a good atmosphere and a happy mood.
There is always enough to drink and eat and the temperatures are always right.
A wedding guest who freezes always turns into a grumbler.

The most beautiful day in life, that’s what the wedding day is often called.
In fact, I think it would be very sad for our dear wedding couples if there were no more beautiful ones afterwards…
Of course, there are countless more perfect days in life.

Every bridal couple is one of a kind, every wedding is unique.

It wouldn’t even occur to me to look for couples that match wedding locations, but we always start from scratch.
We fulfill dreams, your wedding fairy tale.

I learn a lot about the wedding of your dreams in the initial consultation.
In which setting we can realize the fairy tale.
Certain things will remain dreams, because it is only possible in a blockbuster, or simply because the budget does not fit.

My applause at the end of the wedding day are the words of the bridal couple that the dream wedding was even more fairytale than dreamed.

We make wedding fairy tales come true.

And they all lived happily ever after, and Evelyne Schärer is still planning dream weddings.

Thank you to Andrea Kuehnis for the best Wedding Pictures!

Evelyne Schärer
Wedding Planner since 2004


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