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drunken Wedding Guests

Drunken wedding guests

Everyone who knows me knows that I am always well disposed towards the beautiful.
Good wines, excellent champagnes or outstanding gins from all over the world.
But I can’t cope with too much alcohol.

At weddings, generous wedding couples sometimes meet real drunkards.
Mostly it is not so much about the enormous costs at the wedding bar.
Usually the bride is more worried about the groom’s colleagues, who completely shoot themselves off at the wedding.

The drinks are free.

When do you get back together so young?
You have to celebrate the feasts as they fall.
And one more goes, fits also well to the wedding.

Limiting the wedding wine or drinks at the wedding bar is not a suggestion I would make to you.
Such a limitation also puts the guests in their place, who will enjoy your dream wedding with you in a relaxed manner.

There are several ways not to prevent drunken wedding guests.

Nobody has to be ashamed the day after, the drunk doesn’t notice when he fidgets with Aunt Heidi.

Being drunk as a groom should really be avoided. Nobody wants to collect that kind of memorable moments.


Evelyne Schärer
Wedding Planner since 2004


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