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Wedding from 100’000

Do you also plan weddings under 100’000 wedding budget?
From which budget do you plan weddings?
A wedding planner is only for the rich!

In advance, especially with a small budget, you should count on experts.
Nobody knows better than a wedding professional where you can optimize.
It’s your right to ask whether you are talking to a full-time wedding planner, or whether you rely on a part-time planner.

With your perfect day there is no financial limit, neither upwards nor downwards.

A side note:
Planning big, super expensive weddings is actually a much bigger responsibility.
It is a greater effort and due to the financial possibilities options come into question that are not even suggested for a “normal” wedding.
(On the photo are for example church booklets. Expensive handmade paper and a bow tied by hand. For a small budget I advise against a church booklet or even do not suggest it at all ūüôā

Recently I read on a wedding website that the effort is similar for a small or large wedding.
This is not true! It also said that this wedding planner plans 60 hours on average, we need 30 hours in the minimum ūüėČ.

The Internet is patient and unfortunately often a fallacy.

Your wedding budget should be realistic.
That you cannot guess what your wedding costs is clear to me.
How should you also know prices from a wedding photographer or know what a wedding DJ costs.
The trick is to use your budget to plan your dream wedding.

Together we can do it!

If you have $ 30,000 for 80 guests, then it won’t be a glittering party lasting several days in Switzerland.
Add $ 100 for the wedding dinner, $ 50 for a bottle of wine and $ 50 for 3 gin tonics.
So, for the evening you are at $ 200 per person x 80 = $ 16’000.
You do not yet have a flower on the table or music.
Rental furniture, other table linen, chair covers, or lighting are not included.

We have not yet included any costs for the party until 3 o’clock, no hotel rooms, no guest gift.

I’m not doing the pricing for the wedding.

I try to make the very best for your wedding.
Count on experience and not only save time and nerves but optimize your expenses for your unique and unforgettable wedding.

Evelyne Schärer
Wedding Planner since 2004


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