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Expensive because it’s a wedding

A bridal bouquet is much more expensive than a flower bouquet.
Therefore, the bridal couple does not want to tell the florist that a wedding is being planned.

A birthday cake is also less expensive than a wedding cake.
The business hits it when you come out with the wedding.
After all, a wedding is expensive anyway and the suppliers raise the prices if they know the reason for the celebration.

If, and now please read carefully what I write here:
If you think a florist will sell his bouquet more expensively just because you order a bridal bouquet, then you’ve got the wrong florist.

If the cake costs more because it is a wedding cake instead of a birthday cake, then it is the incorrect pastry chef.

Are you seriously considering cheating the vendors?

My honest question to you:
why not choose a serious florist?
A respected cake maker?

You know, we have a DIY wedding safety check for all brides.
We sit for two hours over the roofs of Zurich and exchange ideas.
You can ask me EVERYTHING if you are not afraid of the answer ūüėČ

Be careful

Not everywhere where wedding planner is written on it, there is also a wedding expert in it.

Evelyne Schärer
Wedding Planner since 2004


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