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Hochzeitsplaner mit Herz am Swimmingpool in der Tosana mit your perfect day

Wedding planner without heart

Are heart and passion really USPs?
(unique selling proposition)

In order to do a good job as a wedding planner, my heart serves as the connection between the lungs and the body’s circulation.

Don’t get me wrong, I am a warm person and love my job.

What I need every day for wedding planning is my sharp mind.
I have to develop a logical and sophisticated plan for the daily routine in advance.
Finding the right, suitable wedding service providers is and remains the big challenge.

It seems there are more and more providers, and yet for me as a wedding professional, the conditions are tough, and the demands are high.
I cannot afford to recommend an incompetent wedding photographer, neither with heart nor with passion.

It is not with passion that we find the perfect wedding location for our bridal couples.
Skills, knowledge, experience, all the same, always helps in the search or in finding it.

If you want a smooth process, a perfectly planned wedding day, then you better rely on a “heartless” wedding planner.

My heart ensures that blood is constantly pumped through my body on the wedding day.
My professionalism guides us through the day with all surprises or mishaps.

You as a wedding couple will see best case, nothing of the worries and problems.

At every wedding there are situations that I have to judge and decide what to do in a flash.

Passion does not get me one step further when it burns. My 3-year presence in the fire brigade, however, does.
And greetings to Urs, the former fire brigade commander from Barzheim.


Evelyne Schärer
Wedding planning since 2004



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