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Outfit of the wedding service provider

As always, the perfidy lies in the detail. As experienced wedding planners we never forget anything.
You hire a wedding planner to make sure everything is perfect.

We will plan a perfect day with you, and this involves much more than a bridal bouquet or a wedding photographer.

Well dressed on your wedding day

The wedding dress is carefully selected, fitted and is already hanging in the wardrobe. The wedding shoes have been worn in, the veil is wrinkle-free and even the lingerie for the wedding is provided.

Of course, the groom has chosen the right wedding suit. Tie, shoes and cufflinks are ready for the most beautiful day in life.

We should not forget to plan the outfit of the wedding service providers as well.

As wedding professionals, we always ask the first time what the ladies and gentlemen will wear on the wedding day.

There were moments when I, as a wedding planner, was resented this question.
The reason why I also clarify such details during the wedding planning is not by chance.

There was a wedding singer, chosen and booked by the bridal couple themselves.
I had taken care of a cloakroom for him in advance. When the wedding singer arrived punctually at the wedding location, I showed him his artist’s dressing room.

Not that I had expected great gratitude, but I was more than surprised by his reaction.
He stood in front of me in a washed-out T-shirt and shorts – it was a summer wedding.
I will never forget his face when he told me that he had no other clothes with him. He was even more embarrassed than I was. My consideration with the wardrobe was well meant.

Adequate wedding outfit

I would like to mention that the wedding music was great, but his wedding outfit did not fit at all.

We will ask you all the questions you can’t even think of.
Write to us for a consultation.


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Evelyne Schärer
Wedding planning since 2004



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