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Wedding album

Weddings are planned online, and the wedding photos are only provided to you by the wedding photographer in the web gallery with password.
Paperless wedding planning. Welcome to your Wedding Planner 2020.

The wedding photos are edited and finally you have mail in your mailbox

You have celebrated the perfect wedding

Your dream wedding was the most beautiful day of your life.
As a clever bridal couple, you attached great importance to perfect wedding photos and did not skimp on the wedding photographer.

Expensive is no guarantee

Many wedding photographers have adorable packaging. The company logo can be placed on the exquisite USB stick. The memories are lovingly wrapped and now you finally hold something in your hands. Your unforgettable wedding was captured for eternity.

You have installed your wedding photos on your smartphone. All pictures are secured in the cloud and you have watched your wedding on the tablet and PC.

Who needs a wedding album?

In fact, many bridal couples do without a photo book of wedding photos. A luxury wedding album is outdated nowadays, and we are still digital.

It often does not take long and somehow you want to have a high-quality wedding album.

Where is the offer of the wedding photographer?

Actually, you have received some information for a professional photo album. Bet it was too expensive for you?

Then googled to the PC and “design wedding album”.
There are umpteen providers:
e.g. Cewe, Cheerz, Fuji, Bookfactory, myfotobook, ifotoalbum etc.

Try it out and yes, why not create a small wedding book for the parents or the grandma.

Hold perfect memories in your hands

For the right wedding album, simply contact your wedding photographer. The experts know how to do it and order the perfect wedding album with you.

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