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Wedding in Italy, Wedding at Lake Como

Destination Wedding

Are you thinking about a wedding abroad?
A wedding in Italy? You want to get married in beautiful Tuscany?
A beach wedding on Lake Como?

Getting married abroad is a trend

90% of the weddings we are allowed to plan in 2021 are in Italy.
In fact, a long time ago we specialized in weddings in Italy. Accordingly, I was invited by Buy Wedding in Italy last year. International wedding planners were invited. Wedding professionals from all over the world were present.

Destination Wedding is now well known to many and Italy is the perfect place for a dream wedding.

Read also the wedding blog to compare a Swiss Wedding in Switzerland or Italy.

Italy vs. Switzerland

This seems to me also the most important point why we provide ourselves as wedding planners abroad. They want a Swiss Wedding, no matter in which country they marry.

Are you familiar with typical Italian weddings?

A wedding planner in Italy, like me, has the most experience with national wedding couples. In fact, I know far too little about the traditions in Italy. But that’s no problem for me, because we plan Swiss weddings in, for example, Tuscany.

Which was noticeable to me with the wedding event was that all other Wedding Planner arrive in each case with the whole Wedding Service provider.

Dollar sign in the eyes

Pardon? And who thinks about your wedding budget? Who pays the travel expenses? You, of course! And that simply goes away from your budget and this without any added value.

Why should you spend money on travel costs?

We will hire the local wedding professionals for you. But why look far when everything good is so near?
After so many years, we have an excellent network. As an International Wedding Planner, I think this is a matter of course.

As a wedding planner, there are no fixed service providers in Switzerland either. We will always suggest Wedding Experts that meet your needs and budget. That the chemistry is right is a given for yourperfectday.

We plan your Swiss wedding abroad with local wedding service providers and YOU save travel expenses. We are happy to earn your trust at any time.

Evelyne Schärer
Wedding planner since 2004

PS. We also do not take a florist from Basel to the Engadin for a wedding.

Evelyne Schärer
Wedding planning since 2004


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