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Evelyne Schärer Wedding Planner at work mit Drehbuch

Wedding film and wedding photos

The wedding film is the most emotional memory of the wedding.
No photo can capture the mood 1:1 for eternity.
And yet, only a few bridal couples choose a wedding film.

Well, if you have a wedding channel like I do, you are obviously committed to the film.
I am sure that many wedding couples think that a wedding film is a complete recording of the day.

Wedding trailers are 1-3 minutes long

In fact a wedding film lasts 8 – 12 minutes.
The greatest moments and scenes are captured.
The goose bumps, the tears of joy, every smile and also all the noises are captured.

Voices, words and hearty laughter

There are things to consider when choosing a wedding film maker and a wedding photographer.
First of all, usually the filmmaker does not come alone.
There are 2 persons responsible for the wedding film.

Very often the wedding photographer also comes with a second shooter.
If you book wedding professionals, then you do not have to worry.
Prepare a clear briefing for amateurs, especially in the church it can otherwise lead to a scandal.

Hollywood sends its greetings

Please do not imagine a huge film camera.
Today professional equipment is small and inconspicuous.
My professional camera looks like an ordinary reflex camera.
I can actually take pictures with my Canon, but I need it almost only for the wedding channel on YouTube.

Do not think of a film set from the cinema

The wedding film maker and the wedding photographer are hopefully invisible and capture the highlights of your wedding.
Wedding experts can act inconspicuously.
It is important that there is an agreement between the filmmaker and the photographer.

The filmmaker does not want to film the wedding photographer and the wedding photographer does not want the wedding filmmaker in front of the camera all the time.
It must be clear who has the lead.

Also your daily routine with a wedding film should be planned differently. A sophisticated script will help you to achieve your dream wedding.

Camera is running and now a successful wedding planning.

Evelyne Schärer
Weddingplanner since 2004


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