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Real Weddings with Evelyne Schärer from your perfect day Wedding Planner

Real Weddings

We have been very lucky to have been planning weddings in Switzerland, Austria and Italy for almost 17 years.
The pictures we show on our wedding blog, on Instagram or Facebook are mostly from real weddings.

They are weddings that your perfect day has been planning since 2004.
We don’t have to decorate ourselves with fake feathers, we show our work for very different wedding couples.

You see wedding photos of the last 17 years

It is so exciting to see the development and the wedding trends.
Also, that we have always planned individual weddings. We can very rarely recommend the same wedding location more than once.
Every bridal couple is different, and it will only be perfect when it becomes a personal wedding planning.

Exceptions confirm the rule

We have never had a style shoot before, but we have been allowed to use photos from wedding photographers who fit the weekly theme.
Our editorial schedule is long, and the Wedding Guide is designed to help you with your DIY wedding planning.

Of course, we are not allowed to show all weddings

Sometimes it is celebrities, often bridal couples who do not want to publish their pictures.
In such cases, the wedding photographer is not allowed to show anything in his portfolio.
Fortunately, there are small exceptions, and photos of wedding details may be shown by arrangement.

Especially on Instagram, brides are showered with fake pictures.
I remember years ago when I did a survey.
The users really don’t care if the wedding photos shown are actually from the wedding planner.

For me, however, this is not true

We as Wedding Planner of yourperfectday try to offer the bridal couples a real added value.
This way we want to show that we do not have a fixed wedding look.

Every wedding is tailor-made

We do not specialize in the boho-wedding style, although I actually made macramé as a child.
My grandma had pampas grass in her garden even back then.

A wedding by the lake is just as much our style as a wedding in the mountains.
Whether summer wedding or winter wedding, we have certainly had some experience.
We will not show you inspirations with stolen pictures.
And even if the pictures are properly purchased from an image database, they are not real weddings which the wedding planner has planned.

In my opinion, experience counts more than a repost of a wedding, which is very probably unaffordable.

only for real weddings

If you are interested in honest weddings and a real wedding service, we will be happy to help.

Evelyne Schärer
Wedding Planner since 2004


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