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Print is becoming less and less important.
Fortunately, things are not quite so bad for the wedding magazine.

Especially brides love to leaf through magazines.
And yes, paper is simply wonderful.
The feel is also important for wedding stationery.

Woman can also just leave the wedding magazine lying around and send non-verbal messages to the future husband.

In case a groom reads along:

An open wedding magazine is a sign.
Women tend to send subtle messages when it comes to the wedding.
So, if pages are open with wedding dresses, please feel free to comment.
Your fiancée may have trouble asking you, so grab the magazine and support your dream woman.

Find your wedding photographer

Another great advantage for you as a bridal couple during the wedding planning:
Real Wedding is shown in every wedding magazine.
Real weddings that have actually taken place.
See if you like the wedding photographer.
Every photographer has his own style, his own signature.


Visit the wedding photographer’s website and watch a whole wedding reportage.
An entire wedding day.
Pictures from getting ready to the wedding day.
Are your must-have pictures included?
Are there photos of the ring box?
How is the wedding cake photographed?
Have you found exciting group pictures?

And pay attention to details

Photos of the stationery, earrings, table decoration etc.

Did you know that I have a cake knife with engraving?
If this is on the photo, then the photographer did everything right ūüėČ

Denken Sie an die Details

Always look in the wedding magazine for your wedding photographer.
In addition to the wedding planner, the wedding photographer must be a perfect match for you.

Evelyne Schärer
Wedding Planner since 2004


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