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What does a wedding planner cost

Almost priceless is my commitment to the planning of your dream wedding.
No kidding.
Even if my website does not say anything about my passion and “with all my heart”, it is very emotional.

To plan a wedding with a bridal couple is a challenge that cannot be compared.

The expectations for the most beautiful day in life are exorbitantly high.
And no bridal couple can describe exactly what they actually expect. Years of experience have taught me to read between the lines.

Now it’s all about costs, completely unemotionally we speak of francs or euro amounts.
Often it says on the Wedding Planner website that the bridal couples have to calculate with 10-15% of the budget.
Of course there is no mention of what is included in the wedding budget.

But let me give you an example:
You buy a Wedding Gown for € 5’000 and Wedding Rings for 15’000 and the Wedding Planner gets 10-15% of that??W?

So here’s my greatest saving tip for you:

I can plan a wedding in 20 hours.
10 hours on the wedding day a wedding planner must be present.
There’s no point if the best plan doesn’t get executed.

Which brings us to our “«Perfectly Happy Package»
20 hours of consultation and planning, 10 hours of accompaniment on the wedding day:
CHF 4200 plus VAT*”

You have complete cost control with the wedding package.
Why our couples never book an all-inclusive wedding, I will reveal during the first consultation.

Evelyne Schärer
Wedding Planner since 2004

* Everything runs smoothly, I draw from my experiences and we don’t have to find a pink elephant on a bicycle and we don’t dive into a sea of flowers with 10’000 roses with a budget of 20’000. I can’t do magic, otherwise I would have a show in Las Vegas.

If the turnover from taxable services rendered in Switzerland and/or abroad is less than CHF 100,000 per year, companies are exempt from VAT.


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